Harry's Birthday

Please notice the Rutgers cap that he stole from me! ;-)

Yesterday, the 18th, was Uncle Harry’s 94th birthday so Audrey and I decided that he needed to leave the assisted living facility where he’s been living since we moved him in in February from his home in Brooklyn and take him out to lunch at a great local restaurant we’ve been going to recently.  Audrey has a rather restricted diet so it’s been difficult over all these years to go out for a meal, but we tried The Stage House Tavern {formerly O’Connors Steak House] about 4 miles down the road and they’ve been GREAT about modifying items on the menu so that she’ll be able to enjoy a meal out.

I went and picked up Harry at MESAL [Martin & Edith Stein Assisted Living] and Harry and I were going to meet Audrey at the restaurant.  As we were turning out of the driveway at MESAL, Harry turned to me [somewhat!] and said, “It feels like I’m getting out of jail!”.  Now, don’t take that the wrong way, Harry and I are constantly kidding each other [you know that male thing! ;-)], he really does enjoy living there and it seems that all of the staff loves him.  We went by the Nursing Office as we were leaving so I told the two nurses there that we were going out for a birthday lunch and they broke into song with “Happy Birthday” then they and he started to tease each other about how old he was [I think they ended up with 36 years old, the number of years over sixty-five subtracted from sixty-five (?)].  I looked at him while they were singing to him and he just had this huge shiteatin’ grin across his face!

The crowd at the restaurant [where they have a GREAT outdoor patio!] was really small so when we asked the waiter if he’d be able to do anything to help us celebrate the birthday, he said that he wasn’t sure if they could get anyone to sing because he only had one other waiter working the lunch with him.  He did say that they could bring him out a special dessert with a candle on it.


Imagine our surprise when, after our meal, the ENTIRE wait staff came out with the dessert!!  Two waiters, one busboy, two hostesses and four kitchen staff.  They were great and I gave them [or possibly just him] a huge tip!

Somewhere in rural New Jersey.

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  1. How awesome, Nat! Glad it was a good experience, and that Uncle Harry got out of Jail for a bit. If the restrictions were so bad, I’d offer to bring him in sometime!

  2. A lovely story, and really sweet of you two to celebrate Uncle Harry on his birthday. You are taking great care of him!

    And how much better than bringing a birthday cake to the restaurant and having the wait staff mistakenly give it to another birthday boy instead of Harry…

    Love, Jude

  3. Terrific account! Between the words and pictures, I felt as if I, too, were there.
    Belated best wishes on his birthday to your Uncle Harry with hopes for many more to follow!

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