Mom! Haven’t You already dumped on us enough this winter!!??  I just got the snow peas into the garden last weekend and You interpret that literally?!?  This poor little misplaced crocus was standing so proud and showy last week and now look at her?  We really have had enough of this, at least from all the people I talk to.

It’s my wife’s birthday today, so we went out to one of her favorite local restaurants for an early dinner [it was a Vietnamese restaurant, so I don’t think they refer to early dinners as “Blue Hair Specials” but I couldn’t get the phrase out of my head …] .  Very nice dinner but the drive home was just a little bit weird!  We came back on all the back roads that have no street lighting and sleet was coming down pretty heavily.  With just our headlights illuminating the little ice pellets, it looked just like the effect in StarTrek or one of the Star Wars movies where, just as they go to warp speed, all of the stars blur and turn into streaks.   At least I didn’t go into my Captain Kirk power trip.  [  … good thing too, I was driving … ]


From somewhere in rural New Jersey

I want more of these days!

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