Mt Everest in the driveway

It’s been one of those “great” weeks here in Jersey when the weather is really warm after a significant snow storm;  the rains come and turn everything into slush that’s too heavy to move more than a few inches; and then all the shit freezes in the driveway.  Our driveway is a little over 400 feet long and is gravel so when we have it plowed in the winter, they can never really drop the plow blade to clear the snow off, we’d have to spend a fortune to put gravel back on it every spring and for purely aesthetic reasons [well almost, I don’t think we could afford it either!], we don’t want to pave it.  So after the rains on Tuesday night we ended up with about 4 inches of slush.  I did drive up and down the driveway a bit to make some ruts in the slush because I knew it was going to freeze over.  So now the ruts are still about 4 inches deep and totally iced up.  It’s kinda like an amusement park ride getting up the the house;  there’s no way in hell you can control the direction of the car, you just have to get it into the ruts and then bounce along and see where they take you.

And to think, I used to enjoy winter …


Somewhere in rural New Jersey

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  1. Whoa! Who took the “rest” out of Everest? Was it the same dude who put the bop in the bop-she-bop?

    • Kate, I believe it was the guy who put the bop in the bop shoo bop 😉 Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. One of many things I love about your blogs is I can just /hear/ you saying every single word in them.

  3. Oh man, I am SO with you on this! We don’t have a driveway; we park in the street, which is probably a blessing in this kind of weather. How smart of you to go out in the slush before it froze and create ruts that go more or less where you want to go. This winter is a nightmare!

    Punctuated, of course, by a fantastic weekend in England, where the weather was mild and the company was excellent!

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