I was out late in the afternoon last Tuesday  just looking for some interesting imagery with the light snow falling at dusk.  Had to go to the Post Office over in the old Camp Kilmer so I decided to drive around the Livingston College Campus at Rutgers to see if anything caught my eye. Right beside Tillet Hall there was a straight sidewalk with these lighting fixtures running the length of the building and I thought they made a nice graphic receding into the background plus the light from the fixtures would help to illuminate the tiny snowflakes as they swirled around.  Not great art by any stretch of the imagination but something of interest and when I’m just roaming around looking for “stuff” I tend to take lots of images and then sort things out back in the “darkroom” [actually the computer room nowadays]. 

After driving around Livingston a bit more I headed down to the College Avenue Campus to see if any of my usually good instincts started to set off any bells in my head.  Did do another shot on the Voorhees Mall but wasn’t able to get set up in time to get a shot of one of the maintenance guys driving a sweeper down the walkway with his headlights shining off the wet stones … [I didn’t want to ask the guy to turnaround and do it again, he was most likely a bit chilly in the cab of this vehicle].

Got back to the office and downloaded everything and immediately noticed the green flare that came down in a spiral from the foreground lamp in the shots beside Tillet Hall and my first thought was “damn”!  Then it started to grow on me … got to the image on Voorhees Mall and noticed flares in that shot as well but this time they were more like straight lines rather than the orbs in the first shot and they weren’t quite as prominent.  Probably a different shaped bulb in the lamps [I’ll have to check that out the next time I’m there] and I wasn’t as close to the lamps this time.

The thing is, though, that in the years I’ve been doing this business, I find that I just have to show up [they used to say that photojournalism was “f8 and be there”] and start to work and something will almost always happen that I just haven’t planned that makes some kind of improvement to the image.  I’ve come to trust my Muse or whomever it is who is helping me.  I simply can’t count the number of times that someone has walked into the background of an image or that something else has happened that has greatly improved the shot over what I was planning it to be.

I LOVE being on that edge and not knowing what will happen but I know something always WILL happen.  Thank god I’m not a left brained scientist!

Somewhere in rural New Jersey …

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  1. What a marvelous shot! As an alum of RU from back in the day, I thought I was someplace I knew and then realized it was your wonderful photo that gave me that sense of deja vu.
    A picture is, truly worth a thousand words and the very best ones for this are ‘thank you for sharing!’

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