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The Breeder's freezer!

The Breeder's freezer!

We have two wonderful dogs who are almost like daughters to us [sorry Mer & Alex!].  As any dog owner knows, OUR dogs are the smartest and most well trained in the world! [ well, almost well trained … Roxie still pulls like a bitch when I walk her on a leash! ].  And, of course, because they are so important to us and because Audrey is so conscientious and well informed about nutrition, we buy raw food for them.  Every six weeks I head down ‘da shor” to pick up our order from the Golden Retriever breeder who is a delivery point for Oma’s Pride


Ducks' necks

[http://www.omaspride.com/] in this part of the state.  Sixty to sixty five miles round trip.  Because I don’t work a nine to five [ TG!! ], I don’t have to make the trip during any sort of commuter traffic and it’s really quite a nice ride.  The breeder must have well over a ton of raw food delivered and she has a number of her customers come early to unload the truck and separate the orders [for which she “pays”  WELL over the minimum wage to be deducted from your order].  The driveway is a mess with all of the food spread around but I am ALWAYS amazed at what some of these folks order for their furry friends [it’s no wonder doggie boutiques and pet supplies were a 7.6 Billion dollar business in 2002]!


Hubbard Squash

Beef Tripe  –  Salmon Whole Belly Trim  – Ducks Feet

Ground Ostrich  –  Whole Buffalo Tongue

Ground Llama  –  Ground Kangaroo  –  Ground Yak

The first time I went down early to help separate orders, I was blown away by what people were getting for their animals!

You just can’t make this stuff up!


Somewhere in rural New Jersey

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  1. Hi, Nat!

    Good blog and nice new photo!

    You would love to hear about the home cookin’ Boots is getting to help his kidneys. Stop by sometime for a nice bowl of whole wheat pasta and yellow squash. There might be a tablespoon of olive oil — and don’t tell the vets, but a little chicken could be lurking between the penne, whole wheat or tricolor, depends on the day. Sound tasty? Well, it must be, because he’s beating the odds on this damned disease. The vets seem almost disppointed to have been so wrong about the prognosis, or am I imagining that?

    And hey: it’s coffee time!


  2. Your dogs are fortunate to have you. I adore my golden but he has a touchy stomach and is most comfortable eating Timberwolf.

  3. Hiya Nat!

    Sounds like a good excuse for a pleasant drive and a picturesque blog post… but also a lot of work and expense.

    We have cats, not dogs, and Instead of ground ostrich and buffalo tongue, we feed them nutritious dry stuff that come in a bag you can buy at any pet store. I don’t think I can embed a photo in this comment box, but it looks like this: http://www.hillspet.com/hillspet/products/productDetails.hjsp?PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524441760377

    If you ever get tired of the drive, the Science Diet people make dog food, too… and no, this is not a paid endorsement.

    Glad I found your blog, amigo. Give my best to Audrey.


    Somewhere in suburban New Jersey (near Exit 142)

  4. Oh my. Our dogs are so neglected…

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